Backlinko copywriting a name

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7 SEO Copywriting Tips to Increase Your Rankings in 2018

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7 SEO Copywriting Tips to Increase Your Rankings in 2018

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7 Steps to Creating Exceptional Content

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Not sure what SEO copywriting is (or how it can improve traffic to your site)? Read our complete guide and become a search-optimized content wizard.

The Most Massive SEO Copywriting Guide That Will Make Your Traffic Soar The+Most+Massive+SEO+Copywriting+Guide+That+Will+Make+Your+Traffic+Soar.

5 Copywriting Techniques That Affect SEO

By Ben Sailer. B2B Copywriting and Marketing Strategy for Tech & Industry. This tactic is also known as the ‘skyscraper technique’, devised by SEO trailblazer Brian Dean at Backlinko. What works in SEO works in content marketing too, because they’re no longer separate disciplines now that it’s quality, not quantity, that earns higher rankings.

Backlinko is one of the world’s top websites for SEO tips, advice, and training. And the man behind it, Brian Dean, is among the very best in the business. This is despite being a relative latecomer to the party – he “discovered” the industry inwhile trying to promote a nutrition site, and only [ ].

This is exactly what Backlinko did, using a content upgrade. A content upgrade is an additional, unique, and contextual piece of content that you offer to your readers in exchange for something you want – usually an email address. If you have ever read the Backlinko blog, you will most likely have come across this strategy in action.

Wed, 7 Dec 16 Powerful SEO Copywriting Secrets For More Traffic (Fast!) Knowing SEO is great. Knowing copywriting is great. But when you can do BOTH?

5 Copywriting Techniques That Affect SEO. It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking copywriting and search engine optimization (SEO) are two separate things. Copywriting is for the user; it’s all about getting them to take action.

SEO is for search engines; it’s about appealing to their algorithms.

Backlinko copywriting a name
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