Igcse maths help

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Failing the end of compulsory expectation there are three main compulsory attacks — Maths, English and Putting. Download Free Maths & Science Educational Software for SSLC, SSC, HSC, Plus-2, IIT-JEE, AIEEE, Engineering Entrance exams. Suitable.

ICSE – Indian School Certificate Examinations An offshoot of the Cambridge IGCSE that existed during the British regime was taken over by the Anglo Indian Board and is now governed by the ‘Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations’.

F ew things illustrate the madness of our education policy better than the saga of the IGCSE, the exam of preference of the private schools, the new political football of the schools world.

The. Paper 2 - This is a skills based 1hr 30 minute examination that tests your map skills, photo interpretation and graph interpretation using the topics we study at iGCSE as the focus.

Check out the paper 2 (click to enlarge) front cover to the right. Your mock exam will look exactly the same.

International General Certificate of Secondary Education

You will need a ruler, protractor and will be issued with some plain paper for workings out etc. Revise GCSE/IGCSEs and A-levels! Past papers, exam questions by topic, revision notes, worksheets and solution banks.

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Igcse maths help
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