Maths portfolio misconceptions

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Maths Portfolio Misconceptions

I always start out a new math concept by having my students create a folder portfolio. I recently went to a NGSS professional development day and was shown a new way to create a science folder.

I wish I had this information earlier in the year or I would have used it for my fraction unit. Anticipating student misconceptions occurs in the lesson planning stage as a preparatory measure for what could possibly unfold in the classroom and how students will react to the material.

Lacsap's Triangle Maths Portfolio Essay 1 1 1 32 1 1 64 64 1 1 1 1 1 The aim of this task is to find the general statement for En(r). Math journals, or problem solving notebooks as they are sometimes referred to, are books in which students record their math work and thinking. They can be used to: record the solutions to math problems, along with the strategy and thought processes used to arrive at the solution.

Maths has its fair share of mistakes, mix ups, and misunderstandings. This is why maths is so exciting and why talking about maths and having deep discussions is so important.

Maths IA – Exploration Topics

One common maths fallacy that often crops up in the classroom is the idea that ‘multiplication makes bigger’.

Maths portfolio misconceptions
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Maths Misconceptions: Multiplication : Maths — No Problem!