Rainforest writing activities ks2

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Rainforest habitats

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Rainforest Ecosystems

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Pick and choose the activities to help make learning fun! For librarians and bookstore employees; after-school program leaders; and zoo, aquarium, nature center, park & museum educators: Whether reading a book for story time or using the book to supplement an educational program, feel free to use the activities in your programs.

at Key Stage 2. The children envisaged here would be working at Level 2a and above. With examples all developed by teachers, the materials offer advice on: • Group and Guided Reading independent activities. Letter writing frames Prompts to display on IWB MUST: write a letter describing life for the Dassanech people SHOULD: include accurate features of life for the Dassanech include comparisons between our lives and theirs To access the complete version of this Climate Zones KS2 planning, and all of the resources to go with it, visit.

KS1 & KS2 Living in the Amazon Rainforest Homes in the Amazon Rainforest Art. CODE. Living in the Amazon Rainforest PowerPoints.

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file size. preview. Resource £ There are three PowerPoints. 1. PowerPoint One — Living in the Amazon — 33 slides.

Year 3 Writing Checklist

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Rainforest writing activities ks2
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