Robotic arm

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Automated 5Dof Robotic Arm Mechanism

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Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery

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End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT)

Robotic arms are widely used in industries, manufacturing lines and other industrial purposes. Robotic arms are used to implement complex industrial automation functionality which only humans can achieve.

Robotic arms are often used as the "stepping stone" to industrial robotics and automation. Remotely control or program a robotic arm to pick up and manipulate objects at. The Stacker kit is a simple robotic arm with two degrees of freedom attached to a wheeled platform.

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The structure of the arm allowed two more additional degrees of freedom by integrating a. Universal Robots has sold more than 25, collaborative robots which are used in several thousand production environments every day around the world.

The MeArm kit is available on Robotshop for $ 2. Dagu Robot Arm. Although it’s not a cheap robot arm kit, it is my favorite one among the list. It is a 5 degrees of freedom robot arm (not counting the servo of the gribber), that is very stable when assembled, and it’s a long one! mm.

The arm can be rotated side to side using a motor contained in the fixed base. The system is supported by the new Technic turntable which is able to support the unbalanced weight without falling apart.

Robotic arm Robotic arm
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