Technology transfer

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Technology transfer can be described as market pull or technology push. Technology transfer occurs as a result of market pull when a need or problem causes companies to seek federal technology. Technology push occurs when innovations or inventions are used to create new markets or consumer needs.

Applications. Indoor turn-by-turn navigation in malls and large buildings Share meet-up directions with friends Advantages. Easier navigation to stores and businesses without pricey infrastructure or. Technology transfer is the process by which technology or knowledge developed in one place or for one purpose is applied and exploited in another place for some other purpose.

The Technology & Transfer Conference convenes hundreds of professionals from admissions, retention, IT, enrollment management, transfer center, financial aid, and registrar offices—all engaged in the many facets of student services technology and student transfer issues.

Technology transfer (T2) is the process by which the transportation community receives and applies the results of research. Building a Foundation for Effective Technology Transfer Through Integration with the Research Process: A Primer.

Transferring Technical Skills and Knowledge to the Workforce

Technology transfer is the process that universities and other research organizations use to translate research discoveries and scientific findings into new products, technologies, drugs and other services that benefit the public.

Technology transfer
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