Unemployment in india causes

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Top 6 Causes of Unemployment in India

Causes of unemployment A look at the main causes of unemployment – including demand deficient, structural, frictional and real wage unemployment. Main types of unemployment. Even though India has experienced a high growth period in the last 15 years but its employment elasticity has remained on lower side.

The period is sometimes termed as Jobless growth period. Following are the reasons for unemployment in India. Underemployment, on the other hand, is the situation in which people in a workforce are employed at less than full time.

It can also be taken to mean a condition in which individuals are working at jobs that are inadequate when matched against their economic needs or training.

Here we detail about the six causes of unemployment in India. Cause 1# Lack of the Stock of Physical Capital: The major cause of unemployment and underemployment in underdeveloped countries like India is the deficiency of the stock of capital in relation to the needs of the growing labour force.

Cause 1# Lack of the Stock of Physical Capital: The major cause of unemployment and underemployment in underdeveloped countries like India is the deficiency of the stock of capital in relation to the needs of the growing labour force.


Constant increase in population has been a big problem in India. It is one of the main causes of unemployment. The rate of unemployment is % in 10th Plan. (iv) Agriculture is a Seasonal Occupation: Agriculture is underdeveloped in India.

It provides seasonal employment. Large part of population is dependent on agriculture.

Unemployment in india causes
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Essay On Unemployment in India: Types, Causes and Solutions To Reduce Unemployment Rate