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Global Responsibility Report

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From Fringe to Mainstream: Companies Integrate CSR Initiatives into Everyday Business

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The project will also appear on enhancing status skills of the farmers. Through this initiative, Wal-Mart increased its efficiencies in the supply chain, its margins and product quality, decreased its environmental footprint, provided client differentiation, and positioned Wal-Mart as a market leader in the ‘green’ space as well as helped to combat ongoing reputation challenges.

The demise of Wal-Mart’s phony social responsibility initiative poses a fascinating question: Can the company return to its old critics-be-damned stance, or will it finally have to make some genuine reforms in the way it does business?

The market, quite frankly, adores Wal-Mart. Meanwhile, a competitor outlet, Costco, which offers health insurance and other benefits to its employees, is being pressured by its shareholders to cut those benefits to be more competitive with Wal-Mart.3 CSR can hardly be expected to deliver when the short-term demands of the stock market provide.

For Wal-Mart, most of it commitments and goals on sustainability are focused around the use of renewable energy and the adoption of energy efficiency. Initiatives in these areas have resulted in the recognition of Wal-Mart as the largest on-site green electricity generator in the U.S.

and have led to cost savings of over $m USD a year. When Wal-Mart is assailed for allegedly engaging in sexually discrim-inatory employee practices, it is difficult and to develop a CSR strategy.

The Virtue Matrix consists of four quadrants (Exhibit 1) and provides a framework for evaluating process of migrating from an initiative. The second most popular reasons for investing in CSR were that it “directly affects brand image for [their] products and services” and that CSR is a “matter of good corporate citizenship.”.

Wal mart csr initiative
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